Worth a Thousand Words and More

If you’ve visited remedyplan.com in the last few months, you’ve probably noticed a couple big, blank “Coming Soon” boxes hinting at what’s to come. And if you’re no stranger to working with placeholder content, you know it’s cause for celebration when that pesky “Lorem Ipsum” and “FPO” finally gets replaced with a beautifully-crafted counterpart.

For Remedy Plan, that moment is finally here, and we’re thrilled to share two gorgeous visualizations that outline how our approach to cancer treatment stacks up to today’s standard therapy.

They come courtesy of artist Nikki Grad, a multidisciplinary interactive designer working out of Washington, DC, and a wonderful friend to the Remedy Plan crew.

We love how these turned out not only because they instantly convey a somewhat difficult scientific concept, but because of Nikki’s incredible ability to distill that complexity into powerfully simple and personal forms . She helped us express one of the most critical parts of the work we’re doing—at a glance you instantly see the difference between traditional treatments like chemotherapy and the brand-new non-toxic approach Remedy Plan is developing.

Sharing these illustrations with you is just another step toward launching our crowdfunding campaign (just 5 weeks away!). Our thanks to Nikki Grad for such amazing work, and be sure to visit nikolegrad.com to see more.

Stay tuned—we can’t wait to show you what’s next!