Remedy Plan Therapeutics Expands Leadership Team and Board of Directors

Remedy Plan Therapeutics (“Remedy Plan”), a small molecule therapeutics start-up company transforming the field of NAMPT inhibition, is pleased to announce the expansion of its leadership team with the appointment of Cassandra Choe-Juliak, M.D., M.S., as the acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO).

Dr. Choe-Juliak has more than 17 years of experience in biopharma, most recently as the Chief Medical Officer at Flame Biosciences and at Tiga Therapeutics. She has previously held leadership positions in clinical development at Affimed and Karyopharm Therapeutics. At Karyopharm Therapeutics, she helped lead the clinical development strategy for Selinexor, a first-in-class XPO1 inhibitor in multiple myeloma.

This appointment comes at a pivotal time for Remedy Plan, as we finalize our IND-enabling studies for our hyperbolic NAMPT inhibitor, RPT1G,” said Greg Crimmins, Ph.D., CEO and Founder of Remedy Plan Therapeutics. “We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Choe-Juliak to the team. Her extensive background in oncology clinical development and proven track record in advancing therapeutics to the clinic will be important as we begin our clinical program."

“Remedy Plan’s unique approach is the first that enables the partial inhibition of NAMPT. This allows for cancer cell growth inhibition without the on-target toxicities that have been seen with other NAMPT inhibitors,” said Dr. Choe-Juliak.I am inspired by the pioneering research and excited to help bring RPT1G to patients.”

Alongside the expansion of its leadership team, Remedy Plan also announced the expansion of its board of directors with the addition of Christian Waage, JD as an Independent Director. Mr. Waage is a biotech executive with more than two decades of experience in the industry. He is currently EVP, Technical Operations and Administration at Gossamer Bio Inc. and has previously held executive positions at Ardea Biosciences, Inc., Receptos Inc. and Celgene Corporation.

About Remedy Plan Therapeutics

Remedy Plan is a small molecule therapeutics start-up company transforming the field of NAMPT inhibition, with a pioneering approach that allows for allosteric inhibition of NAMPT that is fractional and highly tunable.

NAMPT is an enzyme that controls how cells use energy and is core to human biology. NAMPT dysregulation is responsible for more than 20 diseases. Efforts to reduce NAMPT activity to date have resulted in unmanageable toxicities to healthy cells due to the dual role of NAMPT in healthy cell functioning and disease.

Remedy Plan’s groundbreaking mechanism of action, which provides NAMPT inhibition without severe on-target toxicity, unlocks opportunities to treat a range of diseases caused by NAMPT dysregulation.

Remedy Plan is advancing a robust pipeline of tunable NAMPT inhibitors to address NAMPT dysregulation in solid tumors, hematologic malignancies, obesity, and autoimmune disorders.

About RPT1G, a novel oncology therapeutic

Remedy Plan’s lead asset is RPT1G, a clinical drug candidate for the treatment of hematological malignancies. RPT1G has a unique, first-in-class mechanism of action that is optimized to preserve the cellular metabolism in healthy cells, while inhibiting activity in malignant cells. With a favorable efficacy and tolerability profile in animals, RPT1G will be advancing to the clinic in 2024.

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